Wolf81 – Pécs


Feedback from the rosszlányok.hu website.

As stated on the profile, she responds on WhatsApp. Since I inquired days in advance, we were able to
discuss almost everything in detail.
After arriving (since I was a beginner) she kindly sat me down, offered me a drink and we discussed what
my ideas are, what she suggests, etc.

I was with her in Pécs, she can be found in a good neighbourhood and the apartment is nice. Small but
perfect for the purpose, very cultured, the bathroom is very nice. In addition, its location is discreet. You
don’t have to go through the whole building, etc.

Her appearance:
Tiny, thin, tight, a real goddess;). Her face is very beautiful, her body looks as if it had been
I can’t name my favourite body part. The overall effect is perfect!

I’ve never been to a dominatrix, so I only had a few ideas about what she will be like and what it will be
like for me. The experience was beyond my imagination.
As I have already written, she kindly welcomed me, she is also communicative, attentive. As she put it, I
wanted to try the more erotic type of intercourse. She was, of course, in control throughout the
intercourse, as she is a dominatrix. I had her full attention, she was starting things gradually, she felt how
far she could go, if I told her anything, she reacted immediately.
After she finished with me, we had a long and thorough talk, she is a very sensible, smart woman.
I went for an hour, overall I spent a lot more time with her.

It is not the details that I think are important, but the impression. I’ve already been with a lot of girls
(although she was the first dominatrix, that’s true), but so far she’s been the only one who I felt to be
really with me. The fact that she enjoys what she does and that’s absolutely not her goal to finish me and
get rid of me as soon as possible.
I enjoyed every moment of being together. I was with her last night, now after waking up I am still under
her influence. It was truly an EXPERIENCE.
Just to avoid misunderstandings. When giving the feedback, I ticked the divine French. She force-Frenched
me… I loved it when she sat on my face!

Satisfaction and Recommendation:
Maximally! If you’re looking for a similar type of girl, don’t miss out. If you have the opportunity, look for
her and have the experience, you won’t regret it. So far, she is the only one I dare say I’ll go back to
because I want to go back! It’s not enough of her!

domina, first time, forced oral, Pécs

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