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geri312 – Budapest


Feedback from the rosszlányok.hu website.

I’ve seen her ad in our rural town a couple of times and since I’ve been curious about a meeting like this
for a long time, I gave it a try. I tried to reach her on the phone but she didn’t pick it up and then I got a
whatsup message when I could call her. She tells everything on the phone, she even asks about some

Downtown, parking is possible. Apartment can be found in a discreet interior staircase, fit for purpose.
Room with large double bed, bathroom is clean.

Her appearance:
She looks like a small fragile woman at first, her face is very catchy. She waited in a sexy black dress like in
the pictures. When I could finally see her without a dress, I liked her pretty small breasts and beautiful butt
the most.

She had already asked me on the phone a few things, what I had tried so far, if I have been in a similar
session. At the beginning we personally discussed things, she asked and I answered.
I signed up for a fetish massage in 1 hour. As a dominatrix, she was definitely in control.

After consultation, I took a quick, thorough shower. She gave specific instructions for me where to go in
the room and how to lie. First, she blindfolded me, so I could only feel what she was doing to me. She had
me kneel on the bed and then started to massage my ass, but she didn’t miss my dick either.
It was very exciting that I didn’t know, didn’t see when and what was going to happen. When I got close
enough to the end, she always slowed down, waited, hit my ass. She also pampered me with some anal,
with more fingers, as far as I could feel. After that, she laid me on my stomach and started a sexy, sensual
slider massage, but by then she was lying completely naked on me. She excited my dick, she didn’t let my
desire languish, meanwhile beating my ass sometimes. My hands were handcuffed behind my back and
then we continued.
That’s when I could feel her beautiful breasts for the first time and her pussy slipped into my fingers. After
turning, she squeezed her pussy on my hard cock and slid on, pulling my released hands to her breasts, by
this time I could see everything, and in addition to the feeling, the view was also amazing. She turned into
an inverted riding pose and she excited me on and on.
Shame, not shame but I couldn’t take it anymore and I had a strong orgasm. After a bath, we talked for a
while, she said that it wasn’t the pleasure that was important, but the way to get there, and she is totally

Satisfaction and Recommendation:
I had a great time. I can only recommend to those who like erotic dominatrix games and seance. I think I
will visit her again if she comes to our city again, because I really liked what she did to me, because our
séance was a super-composed work.

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