olaszlb – Budapest


Feedback from the rosszlányok.hu website.

We talked on the phone and I visited her on the very same day.

The apartment is in an old tenement house, close to Blaha Square. The whole thing is a small studio with a small bathroom. In spite of its size, the space in the room is used effectively. Due to having to find a parking spot, I recommend getting there early. The mirror next to the king-sized matrass on the floor really elevates the visual experience.

Very beautiful, flawless. She could easily say she is 10 years younger.

I was there for an hour; she took initiative and was very nice.

I chose from the services on the data sheet; she was really good.

Satisfaction and recommendation:
All in all, it was great. I recommend her to those, who do not necessarily need a studio equipped with every tool in the book.

Budapest, domina

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