Good Old Darek – Budapest


Feedback from the rosszlá website.

Since she is not easy to get a hold of over the phone, I called her a few minutes before a whole empty hour. Altough she did not pick up, she called me back and we were able to talk over everything

Nicely furnished, new-looking apartment and bathroom, everything squeaky clean. There were clean towels and of course, shower gel.

Beautiful, petite woman, she could easily say she is 10 years younger. Her face is beautiful, her skin tight and springy not a gram of extra weight on her. Beautiful, round titties, tight belly and butt, and her pussy would be described by professional literature as ‘desirable’. A statue should be made of her.

I was there for an hour, she was very kind and attentive during all that, she paid attention to me to make sure I enjoyed myself.

The first thing was the sliding massage; she was really good at it. It was fantastic to feel hertight and hot body sliding around on me. After this, I pampered her a bit too, then I requested the forced oral; her pussy is really tasty. This was followed by some massage to loosen up and some strap-on action in a variety of positions. It was wonderful to watch her move during all that and of course, the feeling was brilliant too.

Satisfaction and recommendation:
She was really good at all of it; I felt really good during the whole thing. I can only recommend her to everyone.

Budapest, forced oral, massage, sliding massage, strapon

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