Domina, bdsm, erotikus masszázs

Bravedragon – Budapest


Feedback from the rosszlá website.

I wrote her on whatsapp, I asked if she had free appointment today. Then she wrote back and we
arranged the time by phone.

Small, simple apartment, nice, clean and tidy.

Her appearance:
I really liked her face, I liked her physique better than in the photos, it was just as beautiful as my absolute
ideal, so I liked her 100%.

We had a chat when I arrived, I met a Dominatrix for the first time, I trusted her, she was absolutely in

She started with a soft massage, we didn’t go into very dominatrix things, she just gently laid me on my
stomach, tied my hands backwards and her body slowly slid over my body, sometimes she let her breasts
in my hands, so I could grab her gently. She did it slowly and sensually, then she turned me and massaged
my dick with her body. She did it very well, sometimes she looked mischievously in my eyes, sometimes
she strangled me, slapped me, these were unusual things for me, but she was good, then she turned and
massaged me while she sat on my face. She has a very delicate silky pussy, I loved licking it, I thought
that she enjoys what I do, then later she changed pose, she slid up and down to my feet slowly, I thought
she would give me a head, but as she is a Dominatrix, she didn’t. It pissed me off, then she patted her
face with my dick from one side to the other while looking into my eyes, it completely swept me off my
feet, it was very sensual as she looked at me, it was a fantastic experience, I’m glad I chose her.

Satisfaction and Recommendation:
It was a phenomenal experience, if I have the opportunity, I will definitely go back to her. I had experience
with many girls, but I recommend her not only to those who like this Dominatrix type but heated erotica as
well. This girl is very professional, take care of her and leave me a free place at her too. This girl is a
treasure! When we were done, we even talked about general things, it felt like having a real girlfriend both
physically and mentally, if you feel like having a phenomenal experience then choose her, you will definitely
not be disappointed. I had the best experience with her and I finally went home happily and not with a bad
experience! I radiate and really happy! And thank you so much for the experience! Today she became my

Budapest, domina, sliding massage

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