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I had to call her several times on the day before but she picked up fortunately. I was taken by her voice, sensual, confident. After making the appointment, she said that we should agree on the address just before the meeting. We agreed on the address before the meeting via text.

Pécs, city centre. Thankfully, I often travel past the address provided. I could get there quickly. It was easy to find my way inside the building too.

Pécs, old apartment building in the city centre. Clean apartment, clean bathroom. Quiet and discreet place with air conditioning, suitable for its purpose (I was worried that my screams would wake the residents ?

Her appearance:
I have never participated in a domina/fetish programme; first of all, I was taken by her sophisticated beauty (her face). Her perfect shape is visible on the pictures but  I could only image the rest beforehand. She is captivating in life. She received me in high heels and a black one piece. I didn’t know how to behave around a domina, she extended her hand, I was too afraid to look at her but what I could see from the corner of my eye in the red mood lighting was enough.
Her body was perfect, thin, and athletic. Have I mentioned that her face is like that of a goddess? This is what was on my mind when I saw her advert too; no matter how painful it will be, I have to meet her.

Erotic massage:
This was the text of the advertisement: ‘You complete undress before me. You spread your legs. You stick your but out. In the meantime, I undress behind you as well. It’s time for your fetish massage to begin. I stroke your butt with my warm palms, even bit it a bit.
The air glows around us from our energy.
You walk behind me, I lead you by your hard boner; this is when you learn what it is like when you are really forced to lick… I sit on your mouth, you must massage my sweet, fragrant pussy and butt with your tongue.’ The forced oral part was always a dream of mine ?
The meeting went almost exactly as described. After a shower, she blindfolded me and stepped behind me. This is when she took off her clothes. From the very first moment, her massage was purposeful, arousing, and pampering… that is where I would continue with the description of the meeting.

She stood behind me, hugged, stroking my boner and my chest. I had to stick my butt out, sometimes she scratched, sometimes she stroked or massaged my penis, scratched it even; she pressed her body against mine, I could feel her stone-hard breasts. She laid me on my stomach, my eyes still blindfolded, she sliding up and down on my back naked; I could feel the breasts and the puffy vulva.
Sometimes I touched her and she bit squeezed my butt hard when this happened; she was in control all the time ?. When she saw that I was shaking to be with her, she turned me around with the blindfold still on me. She slid up and down on my front too; she played with my boner so intensely that I thought we would do the act even ?. She pulled my hands to her body with purpose and took off the blindfold.
I could feel, see, and enjoy her stone-hard, sharp breasts; I could hug her perfect body and then without saying a word, she sat on my face and I licked and licked until she came… in the meantime, she massaged and sometimes scratched my penis… my time there felt like a moment. As I tasted her sweet juices in my mouth, I knew that I was forever captivated by her.
I would like to note that I rarely ask for mutual oral; I usually let them pamper me but when I saw her, it was not a question that I wanted to pamper her.

When I called her, she told me a price; nothing changed during my visit. I paid the sum at the end of the meeting. Maybe elsewhere, I would get to do the act for the same price but I was not bothered by this. Her personality was worth all the money. I did not ask for oral or penetration so I cannot say anything about the extras.

I will definitely visit her again if she comes to Pécs but I might seek her out in Budapest too. At the beginning, we discussed that I am unfamiliar with domina programmes and she introduced me to the world of a dominant partner gently but without hesitation.

domina, fetish massage, forced oral, Pécs

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