It is important to know that penetrate sex with me is out of the question; only I will be allowed to use you as my sexual toy.

So your first and most important job is to tell me bravely what you want; what it is that makes your desires burn the hardest.

It might not be on the list but if I like it, we will do it. Tell me.

Erotic fetish massage – The erotic massage can include the following extras:

    • Strap-on – You will be the girl that gets fucked in this scene; you will sit on my strap-on penis;
    • Strapless (Double Ended Dildo) – One end is in me, the other in you, so I can feel it as I penetrate you;
    • Playing with vibrators;
    • Taking your virginity;
    • I take you to the top with my hands;
    • Forced oral – I use you. I will ride on your face;
    • Forced oral with strap-on – You get to experience what it is like for a girl to get fucked in the throat;
    • Luna the sex doll – You will be forced to do to this young girl everything I tell you. Her butt is tight, her throat is deep, and her wet pussy is only waiting for you;
    • Spitting – nothing remains dry;
    • Playing with vibrators;
    • Light domination – I gently control you, keeping your aroused all the time, without pain. Your orgasm will arrive like an explosion;
    • I take you to the top with my hands;
    • Breast sex – the main role is played by my shapely tits;
    • Mutual masturbation – mutual orgasm;
    • Prostate massage – you will be shaking from pleasure;
    • You can see me in my favorite tights;
    • Foot fetish – my graceful feet and soles await your tongue.
    • Oily penis milking with feet;
    • Anal pleasures with hands/tools;
    • Anal loosening – even fisting. I open up your butt;
    • Swedish massage – I am well trained and experienced;
    • Oily sliding massage – I massage every bit of your body with my naked body and pussy. Yes, your penis too;
    • Erotic massage;
    • Lingam massage – oily penis milking with my hands. I will use your semen as my body lotion;
    • Being controlled by a domina;
    • Sperm feeding – I make you eat your semen, finish in your mouth;
    • Inclusion of fetish objects in my games;
    • Tying you up – bondage. Up to complete inability to move; the feeling of total vulnerability;
    • Spanking – with palms, sticks, leash, slippers, whip, wand, book, or butt slapper;
    • Walking on you – in shoes, high heels, boots, Wellington, or bare-foot;
    • CBT – penis or nut tying, torture;
    • Pee play – as if you were taking a shower;
    • Slapping – from light to painful;
    • You have to wear a virtue belt – you can only be mine.
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